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Human Needs Resources

Human Needs Resources provide well-being science training and therapeutic interventions for businesses and organisations who wish to invest in people and human capital resources, whether staff or customers.

We aim to enable your organisation to absorb knowledge and ideas which will equip you to manage the well-being of people independently, and respond to human needs in the context of a rapidly changing climate.

To achieve this, we seek to work in collaborative partnership and design our work in response to your needs. However, if you wish capture the flavour of the unique work that we do, you can arrange for the in-house delivery of our stand-alone workshops. Details of the kinds of workshops we provide can be found below.

Human Needs Resources are able to share a unique body of knowledge from the emerging field of well-being science. Informed by psychology, biology and the social sciences, our approach has been developed and tested in a diverse range of settings; education & training, counselling & psychotherapy, business coaching & development, health & social care design, armed forces welfare, mental health service provision, and prison and substance misuse services.

Whether you are an established or new business, or a statutory or voluntary sector body, we invite you to join other forward thinking organisations in making cutting edge ideas and practice the driving force behind the way you work today and in the future.

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The Science of Workplace Well-being


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Customer Focused Skills


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HR Super Users


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Optimising the Working Environment


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Specialist Interventions

Because of the way we work, clients are often surprised at just how quickly we are able achieve the outstanding results we do. HNR attribute our success to the unique body of knowledge and skills we employ to meet your needs.

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Available in blocks of 6 one-to-one sessions, HNR counselling and psychotherapy services address psychological problems quickly and effectively, whether work related, the result of accident or injury or stemming from client’s personal history. HNR also provide valuable feedback and reports to employers while protecting employee confidentiality.


Wherever you are in your career, HNR Coaching services work in collaboration with clients to overcome barriers to progress, plan personal and organisational changes and ensure that you are succeeding in life and achieving your full potential.

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Business Services

Human Capital Risk Management, Workplace Emotional Well-being, Organisational Learning & Development, Therapeutic Services